Shamanism FAQ's

Are you looking for a deeper spiritual life?
You've thought it.
You've felt it.
Maybe you've even said it out loud.
There's got to be more to life than what I am experiencing right now.
Wait a minute, you tell yourself.
I have family, friends, some may even say a great career.
I have a good life!
Why then does it feel like something is missing?

How do I experience unconditional love and acceptance?
Soon, this moment of insight passes, these feelings move to the background, and life carries on. But, what if there is a way to find answers to these questions?

You have the answers.
Yes, YOU have the answers to life's questions. Your path begins with your body, mind, and spirit, which are designed to get you in touch with yourself on all levels. Within you is an innocent, trusting, joyful, forgiving, honest, you, regardless of your life's experiences. You can experience freedom, unconditional love and acceptance, courage, and the personal power to open your heart and speak your truth.

You have something unique to offer this world.
Once you've experience Shamanic training, you begin to create an even clearer picture of your own unique spirituality, talents, gifts, and greatness given to you by God. This clarity is imperative as you become committed to your purpose and more accepting of others as they serve their life's purpose. Possessing this clarity can assist you in eliminating self-doubt and gaining more confidence when pondering which decision to make or what direction to take. Being clear can determine the difference between being loved and accepted, rather than liked and understood by those around you.

You are the change you want to see in your life.
Shamanic training is about making a difference in the world around you. You will be given the opportunity to be a leader by claiming your power, inspiring trust, healing, and unconditional love in the relationships of your family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers. All we do is take you to the place inside of yourself, where God has placed your gift and help you find it. You will have the opportunity to put into practice a higher way of thinking, being and living, the ability to love and accept yourself, and to love and accept others.

    Earth-Based Healing and Spirituality:

The Resurgence of Shamanism

Thousands of people around the world are hungry for an

optional form of spirituality

Many people have lost or perhaps have never even felt the joyous soul and the singing spiritual experiences that they long for. Some want to go back to the ancient roots and basic power of Spirituality – an individual's personal, heartfelt connection to the power of Great Spirit. Many people find that shamanism fills the deep yearning they feel in their souls. People are finding profound satisfaction in the ancient, traditional ways that shamanism offers them. Shamanism is not a religion, but a spiritual way of life. Shamans have a special connection to the earth and nature. They have ancient knowledge and future vision to help humans survive on this planet.

The International School of Shamanism was founded to answer this basic need and to assist people in finding their own personal spiritual center. To do this, many forms of Shamanism are studied and experienced. People are supported to find and practice what is right for them. Emphasis is on assisting the individual in finding their true heartfelt center – that which speaks to them with an ancient resonance. Information is taught from many different traditions.

Anthropological evidence clearly shows that Shamanism was practiced many thousands of years ago all over the world.

This makes shamanism the oldest healing method and oldest spiritual practice known to man. Since ancient times, every culture has practiced its own form of shamanism. In the Americas, each tribe of Native Americans had their individual ways to practice.

Shamanism shapes all forms of spiritual healing. Currently, many healing schools are teaching techniques that many think are new, but are actually based on ancient Shamanic traditions. Shamans believe we are prisoners of a narrow minded cultural trance and that with intention and commitment, we can open the doorway to a new expanded and all-encompassing reality. In the shamanic tradition, all life is sacred. We are all one and we are one with Great Spirit and we each hold a unique piece of the universal puzzle and we need each other's presence.    

What is Shamanism?
Shamanism is a system for psychic, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing and for exploration, discovery, and knowledge gathering about non-material worlds and states of mind. Some use Shaman and medicine man/woman interchangeably, although Shaman have many specialties similar to our modern physicians. A Shaman may be an herbalist, an energy healer, a psychic surgeon, ceremonial leader, seer, spiritual leader, work with mental and emotional disorders, or use a combination of gifts and tools.

Shamans use several ways to assist with your healing:

  • Shamanic journeying
  • Connection with your power ally
  • Soul retrieval
  • Freeing up emotional and psychic energy
  • Assisting you in finding your sense of purpose

How does a Shaman practice?
Shamans teach the message: Look within yourself for your healing. This is a universal message. Socrates said "know thyself", and Jesus said, "The kingdom of heaven is within." The essence of the Shaman's message is: That which you are looking for is within yourself. A Shamanic practices helps seekers find answers  within.

What is Shamanic Journeying?
One may journey to gain wisdom and information, to get in contact with spiritual guides and power animals, and for healing. Drumming, chanting, and dancing are ways of learning to travel to other dimensions. Journeying is a way of healing by ritualistic means. Some think that in journeying, the person's spirit leaves the body and is healed by the spirits. Others believe that journeying allows access to one's intuition or inner physician.

What is a power ally?
A power animal is a spirit being, in animal form, which stays with you to teach and protect you. Your power ally protects you and provides emotional support, wisdom, and vital energy. It is good to connect consciously with your power animal.

What is soul retrieval?
Your life essence is what keeps you healthy in all ways. In traumatic situations, a part of one's life essence may leave, which causes depression, illness, and other problems. The Shamanic healer can find and help you retrieve your life essence, thereby creating positive life changes.

How does a Shaman assist you in freeing your emotional and physical energy?
A person who is ill or drained may be helped by a Shaman who can assist in the removal of energy barriers by using a healing ritual called an extraction.

Do you feel your purpose for being here?
You can find your sense of purpose by Shamanic journeying, meditation, and rituals. A Shamanic healer can help you find your sense of purpose.

Is a Shaman male or female?
A Shaman can be a male or female. When in their role as Shaman, they are neither male nor female, but a spiritual channel for the highest good. The Shaman channels the energy of Great Spirit which is in all things for all things are living.


Sacred Reciprocity:  Today for You; Tomorrow for Me;

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